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News / Success Stories

Belgrade, 12 October 2021

Strengthening Local Capacities for Good Governance in Serbia

Through implementation of comprehensive capacity building activities, the Swiss PRO Programme created permanent local good governance resources in 32 towns and municipalities, thus contributing to better quality of public services for all citizens and greater responsibility, transparency and efficiency of local self-governments.

Veliko Gradište, 2 October 2020

Participatory Budgeting in Veliko Gradište

From the construction of the water supply system to the mobile library on the lake, these are just some of the initiatives of the citizens of Veliki Gradište for which the municipality allocated funds after the budget became the topic of public discussions.

Switzerland, 27 June 2018

Learning Good Governance from the Best

As part of the public opinion survey regarding the European integration process and the reforms that are its integral part, 66 percent of the respondents think it is necessary to implement reforms for the wellbeing of the population and better governance of the country. Among three...