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Swiss PRO
  • Government of the Republic of Serbia
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  • Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM)

What we do / Good governance

The principle of good governance is one of the three Programme pillars, while the activities in this area are conducted by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in partnership with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM).

The Swiss PRO understands good governance as a continuous process, defined by a set of normative principles, that are shaping the way the public interests are being identified, defined and carried out, as well as the manner the public authority is being exercised and the public duties are being executed.

The ultimate objective of this process - which involves public and private sectors, citizens and their organisations, is to improve the quality of citizens’ lives, by creating an environment that continuously enables strengthening and improving accountability and rule of law; transparency in executing public duties; citizens participation in public policies and decision making processes; an environment that observes and works on improvement of human rights, provides mechanisms for fighting discrimination and improves equality, and finally fosters efficient and effective execution of public duties and responsibilities.

The Programme provides support for local self-governments in the application of the principle of good governance, ensures the establishment of the Centre for the Exchange of Information and Knowledge, encourages the development and application of local regulations and policies, stimulates the establishment of local e-administration services and contributes to raising the awareness of the benefits of applying the good governance mechanism.

An example of good practice in the area of good governance:

The problem of an increasing number of stray dogs in two South Serbia municipalities (Vlasotince and Bojnik) was addressed through inter-municipal cooperation i.e. the construction of a Dog Shelter in Vlasotince municipality through the Swiss PRO predecessor Programme – the European PROGRES. The activities on improving local governance aimed to improve accountability and transparency of running and managing the newly established public entity.

The Municipality of Vlasotince, where the facility was built, was supported and guided through a process during which it prepared the Decision on Granting Public Land for Use Free of Charge, the Decision on Construction of a Building of Public Interest, the Rulebook on Catching the Stray Dogs as well as the Decision on Conducting Communal Activity of Zoo-hygiene.

Two municipalities initially adopted common local policies i.e. the Programme on Controlling and Reducing Stray Dogs and signed the Agreement on Joint Communal Work within the Dog Shelter. The constructed Shelter soon became a regional project, since additional five LSGs negotiated their way into using the facility and signed the pertained legal documents, which regulates the usage of Dog shelter and financial participation in its operations.