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The Citizens’ Advisory Service Improves Access to Rights for Vulnerable Social Groups

  • Krupanj, 30 June 2021

Supported by the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss PRO Programme, 13 local self-governments have established Citizens’ Advisory Service, among them also being the Municipality of Krupanj.

Through the Citizens’ Advisory Service, the Municipality of Krupanj has opened its doors to those citizens who by law were not entitled to free legal aid.  

"For a long time, we struggled with the housing problem, living in a dilapidated house. I didn't know where to turn to before we approached the employees in the municipality. In my view, the most precious thing is that everyone is big-hearted. They are all there for us, to help us," said Verica Jevtić from Krupanj, who wants to share her experience with everyone who belongs to vulnerable social groups.

This was a project aimed at reducing the social exclusion of citizens and enabling them to exercise their rights more efficiently, as well as enabling the local self-government to provide local services in a more efficient manner, while excellent cooperation has been achieved with other local institutions, especially the Center for Social Work, highlighted Jelena Teodorović, Project Coordinator of the Citizens’ Advisory Service in the Municipality of Krupanj.

"In total, 338 out of 522 citizens who have used the services have exercised their rights, namely they have exercised those rights for which submission or request, complaints and applications were written,” said Jelena Teodorović.

The advisory service in the Municipality of Krupanj is available during full working hours, while during the project implementation twice a week field work has been carried out in one of the 24 local offices. After the completion of the project, the lawyer was kept employed in the municipal administration.

Watch the video about the experiences of other participants in the project on this link.